Continuous Improvement

Plastop every quarterly do the continuous improvement competition. The participant are all of the plastop employees. The competition divided into some categories:

1. Safety Improvement

2. Supervisor improvement

3. Technical Improvement

4. Team member improvement

Each categories will have 3 winners. And each winners will have recognitions and gifts from top management to appreciate what they have done for company contributions.

Before Improvement

To have access in the lobby, we must push button for open the door, there is potential risk of being infected by virus.

After Improvement

For open the door, just put your hand between “U” sensor photo sensor

Reduce Electrical Consumption For Air Conditioning Production Room

Before Improvement


AC #1 in the office always on 24 hours

Normal condition AC always running 10 units/day

AC in production do not have timer for setting On/Off

After Improvement

Additional timer for control AC #1

Control and manage On/Off AC everyday and reduce using AC

Control with timer to set 50% On

Efficiency of Using Plastic for Scrap

Before Improvement


Normally use plastic for scrap

Costly to use new plastic just for scrap

After Improvement

Collect all used plastic available and use for scrap

Able to save cost

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